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  • Land Information Report
    a review of all information that is held by Environment Canterbury regarding a property. This information may include resource consents and well locations on the property; the quality of groundwater and surface water; whether it is subject to flood risk or has potential to be contaminated because of previous land use on the site; whether there are any pest control orders for the property as well as erosion risk and earthquake fault locations. More about Land Information Reports.
  • Land transport
    a. transport on land by any means b. the infrastructure, goods and services facilitating that transport. Find out more about land transport in Canterbury.
  • Land transport system
    all infrastructure, mechanisms and institutions that contribute to providing for land transport. Find out more about land transport in Canterbury.
  • Landfill
    a site for the disposal of waste by burial.
  • Landscapes
    natural features and landscapes are categories that sometimes overlap. As a general rule, features tend to be smaller in extent and are experienced from the outside, while landscapes cover large areas and are experienced from within. Natural means a predomination of elements that are natural rather than made by people.
  • Leachate
    liquid effluent produced by water percolating through contaminating material.
  • Letter of warning
    a formal notification to an offender that an offence has occurred. For more information, see the Enforcement Tools page.
  • Levels of service
    these are the defined service parameters for a particular group of activities. They are described in terms of measures and targets.
  • Limited Notification
    where only the individuals or organisations who are considered adversely affected by a proposed activity are notified of the application by the council, and are able to make a submission.
  • Liquefaction
    the process by which soils act like a liquid during seismic activity. Underground pipes float up, buildings sink and tilt and underground services break.
  • Listed Land Use Register
    an electronic database which Environment Canterbury uses to store specific information about sites that have a past or present land use detailed on the Hazardous Activities and Industries List. Sites included on the database are assigned a category depending on how much is known about the site. Inclusion of a site on the LLUR does not necessarily mean that the site is contaminated, unless sampling data have shown this. Inclusion on the LLUR indicates that the land has accommodated an activity or industry that has the potential to cause contamination. Download the LLUR factsheet (pdf 186 kB).
  • Living Canterbury
    an interactive display suitable for families, schools and community groups, on display at Canterbury Museum.
  • Living Canterbury Lite
    a transportable miniature Living Canterbury display that visits North and South Canterbury during the year. Read more information about the display.
  • Living Here
    the newsletter of Environment Canterbury, published once every 2 months. It is delivered free to Kaikoura, Hurunui, Waimakariri, Christchurch, Selwyn, Banks Peninsula, Ashburton, Timaru, Mackenzie, Waimate, part Waitaki. Read current or previous issues of Living Here.
  • Living Streams
    a programme to improve waterways. Environment Canterbury’s Resource Care section working together with land owners and members of the local community through coordinated opportunities, to improve stream health, from planning sessions, working bees, planting days and to on-going stream monitoring. The environmental improvements in these waterways are many, including increased stream health and water quality with fish and wildlife returning. Read more about the Living Streams programme.
  • Long Term Council Community Plan
    Environment Canterbury must, at all times, have a LTCCP which must cover a period of not less than 10 consecutive financial years. It includes descriptions of the activities Environment Canterbury will engage in over the life of the LTCCP, why Environment Canterbury plans to engage in its activities and how those activities are to be funded. Download the current or previous LTCCPs.
  • Low Carbon
    refers to minimising greenhouse gas emissions from a human activity.
  • Low Flow
    a flow that is deemed to be below average flow. More information on river flows.
  • Land and Environment Plan
    Land and Environment Plan (LEP) launched by Meat & Wool NZ is a documented assessment of a farm's resources and environmental issues and a plan outlining how those issues will be managed. A tool kit has been put together in the form of Levels 1, 2 and 3 workbooks. Level 1 (the introductory LEP) can be completed by farmers themselves; Levels 2 & 3 may require some specialist input.
  • Loess
    wind borne silt deposited during glacial periods.